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Newsletter - January 2024

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Date of Publication

Changes and Updates


Nominations for Steering Committee Co-Chair and Action Committee co-chair are open! Co-chairs serve staggered two year terms and are responsible for setting the quarterly Steering meeting agenda, leading Steering meetings, and communicating with the action committees. Anyone who has been with the LAA for at least one year is welcome to nominate themselves.

Nominations may be sent to Please include “Nomination” in the title.

Committee Progress

Impact & Analysis continues to work on a quantitative testing report and Disability Service Office literature review. Vendor Relations continues to develop a Vendor Accessibility Toolkit using guidance from existing vendor Accessibility Maturity Models.


The Training Committee is working toward providing a webinar to cover the contents of this new outstanding resource. The Training Committee is also pursuing a new LAA Onboarding Training initiative by creating Core Lessons that will provide members with a baseline level of knowledge to engage in work within the LAA as well as use this knowledge to serve as ambassadors of LAA at their respective institutions.

Recent Testing

View all our e-resource evaluations on the Testing page.

Who We Are

The Library Accessibility Alliance (LAA) advocates for improving library e-resource accessibility. We are a multi consortial organization, with each member organization contributing funding and expertise.

Our current members are:

  • Big Ten Academic Alliance (BTAA)
  • Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (ASERL)
  • Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA)
  • Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC)
  • Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation (IPLC)
  • Florida Virtual Library (FLVC)
  • University System of Maryland & Affiliated Institutions (USMAI)

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