The Library Accessibility Alliance consists of a steering committee that guides the direction of the organization, and several action committees that conduct the work of the LAA.

Steering committee

Two people from each member consortium serve on the Steering Committee: one voting representative from each consortium's member libraries and a second non-voting consortium staff person. Voting representative terms are two years.

The Steering Committee provides:

  • Strategic direction for the LAA
  • Review and approval of operational policies and guidelines
  • Onboarding of new consortia members
  • Bi-annual activity reports

Action committees

Each LAA member consortium nominates four representatives from their member libraries to work on the action committees. Representatives serve two year terms.

E-resource Testing

The E-Resource Testing committee manages accessibility evaluations of library databases. The committee identifies databases to test based on usage across LAA member libraries. Members work with our testing vendors to conduct audits of the selected resources. The group currently tests two databases a month and reviews past evaluations to determine if a resource should be re-tested.

Impact & Analysis

The Impact & Analysis committee conducts surveys, compiles data, and creates reports to document the impact of the LAA. The group recently conducted surveys to see how libraries and e-resource vendors use our audits. They also analyzed the results of the LAA's past tests to check vendor compliance with accessibility laws.

Training & Professional Development

The Training & Professional Development committee plans the annual LAA webinar series and organizes training opportunities for LAA members.

Communication & Outreach

The Communication & Outreach committee publicizes the work of LAA, develops documentation for LAA presenters, and speaks with those interested in discussing the LAA's work.