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Top 3 Issues:

  1. Inaccessible modals and tooltips – Focus is not sent to the modals when they are opened. It is also possible to focus elements in the parent document after a modal has been opened. Additionally, it is possible to read the parent document with a screen reader while a modal is open. These issues will make it difficult for screen reader users and keyboard-only users to find and operate the modals. Additionally, it is not possible to open tooltips without a mouse.
  2. Pages are refreshed after changing filters and sort options – The entire page is refreshed after changing the value of a filter. This forces blind screen reader users and people with motor disabilities to start back at the top of the page every time a filter is changed. Many users will find this very frustrating and time consuming, especially without prior notice. Many will most likely find the application difficult to use.
  3. Color contrast not met – There are many instances throughout the application where minimum color contrast requirements are not met. This will make it difficult for people with low vision and/or color blindness to use the application.