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LAA E-resource Testing Committee


The Testing Committee is charged with leading the LAA’s e-resource accessibility testing efforts. This work stems from the reality that library e-resources frequently feature inaccessible platforms and/or content, creating barriers for users of various abilities. The Testing Committee and the e-resource accessibility evaluations produced as a result of its work are meant to: identify e-resource accessibility issues for libraries and users; provide vendors/publishers with information & resources to improve the accessibility of library e-resources; and streamline and reduce the duplicity of accessibility evaluation efforts of member libraries.


This group is focused on identifying, facilitating, and posting two e-resource accessibility evaluations for the LAA each month. It seeks to select e-resources that are commonly held by member libraries, represent a variety of subject areas and e-resource types, and that are recommended to be evaluated by member libraries. The Testing Committee communicates with the LAA’s two accessibility testing partners to complete the reports. Testing Committee members send the reports to vendors/publishers and post them along with any vendor responses to the LAA website.


  • Two e-resource accessibility evaluations per month, twenty-four per year
    • Oversight/delivery of evaluations should be divided equally among LAA Testing subgroup members
    • Evaluation procedures document outlines the process members follow
  • Annual audit of evaluation webpages
  • Other deliverables determined by LAA Steering & Action Committees


Each month, the Testing Committee submits and posts two e-resource accessibility evaluations. The Committee meets or communicates via email at least once per month.