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Swank Motion Pictures


This high-level assessment covers limited portions and functionality of the Swank Motion Pictures Platform. The assessment revealed issues with assistive technology compatibility, resulting in some users missing information required to understand content, states and operate functions. It is important to keep in mind that the findings represent a high-level assessment, and do not reflect the results of a Deque Comprehensive Web Assessment.

Top 3 Issues:

  1. Use of Color – The focus state of many interactive elements is only identified with a change in background and the background does not have at least 3:1 contrast with the initial background of the element.
  2. Name, Role, Value – There are aria-hidden elements at the top of every page that contains focusable elements. 
  3. Label or Instructions – The search field and filters that appear on most of the pages either do not have a visible label or do not have a persistent visible label.