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The assessment covers portions of the SimplyAnalytics Platform. The assessment revealed serious problems with screen reader compatibility, resulting in screen reader users missing important information needed to understand content and operate features.

Top 3 Issues

  1. Color Contrast – Low contrast for vital controls and informative content was observed throughout the site. Low vision users will experience considerable difficulty when attempting to perceive content and functionality throughout the site.
  2. Links – Links that are either missing an accessible label or are not included in the focus order are found throughout the site. While this problem does not affect every link, it does affect enough links at vital points of the flow where this could create serious problems for users who rely on Assistive Technology (AT) to use the site.
  3. Focus Management – Serious issues were found with focus management as it relates to modal windows. For any AT user who is new to the site, this represents serious problems with understanding how the site functions.