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Open Textbook Library


This report reflects the findings of a high-level assessment of the Open Textbook Library platform for its conformance with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 (WCAG 2.1).

There are very few WCAG 2.1 compliance issues with Open Textbook Library, and they are very minor overall with the most pressing issue being around content bypasses and keyboard navigation. Below are the most critical issues to address to improve system compliance.

Top 3 Issues

  1. Skip Links and Bypasses: The main problem with the accessibility is the lack of skip links and other content block bypasses. These are important for non-sighted users to be able to navigate the site quickly without having to repeat content or get lost in an infinite scroll.
  2. Keyboard Navigation: Another major issue is in the full text of the ebook. There are several scrollable regions on the page that do not have keyboard access. These areas must be accessible using the keyboard so that all users are be able to scroll the content. Additionally, the filters panel in the search results is not accessible using the keyboard.
  3. Color Contrast: There is a minor color contrast issue with the filter panel. The filter label has an insufficient color contrast ratio of 4.4 (foreground color: #666f77, background color: #eeeeee, font size: 13.8pt (18.4px), font weight: normal), and should be at least 4.5:1.