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Microbiology Society


This high‐level assessment covers limited portions and functionality of the Microbiology Society 
Platform. The assessment revealed issues with assistive technology compatibility, resulting in some 
users missing information required to understand content, states and operate functions. It is 
important to keep in mind that the findings represent a high‐level assessment, and do not reflect the 
results of a Deque Comprehensive Web Assessment.

Top 3 Issues

  1. Focus Visible – Most interactive elements are missing a visible focus indicator
  2. Link color contrast – (Nearly) all links do not have a visual indicator other than color and the color of the link does not have at least 3:1 contrast with the surrounding text
  3. Keyboard – Many issues exist with the ability to operate core functionality of the platform with a keyboard alone. Issues of this type affect many types of users, not just screen reader users.