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Mergent Online


This assessment covers portions of the Mergent Online application. The assessment revealed significant problems with screen reader compatibility and keyboard-only navigation. Screen reader users are not provided with critical information needed for understanding forms. Keyboard-only users are not able to operate certain parts of the interface.

Top 3 Issues:

  1. Form controls are not labeled – Visual form control labels are not programmatically associated with their inputs. This will cause significant hardship for people who use screen readers because the purpose of form controls is not obvious without the programmatic association.
  2. Screen reader compatibility – Several parts of the application are incompatible with screen readers. Important information like roles, states, and properties of tabs and autocomplete components are not provided to screen readers. Many screen reader users will find this lack of information about the interface frustrating. Additionally, PDF documents are untagged, which will make it very difficult for screen reader users to use.
  3. Color contrast not met – There are many instances throughout the application where minimum color contrast requirements are not met. This will make it difficult for people with low vision and/or color blindness to use the application.