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Knowledge Unlatched


This assessment covers portions of the Knowledge Unlatched application. The assessment revealed some problems with screen reader compatibility, resulting in screen reader users sometimes missing critical information needed to understand how to operate the features.

Top 3 Issues:

  1. Keyboard access inconsistency – Multiple controls or calls to action in the pages are not made to be operated using only a keyboard. Sighted users who cannot use a mouse, as well as blind screen reader users will be unable to interact with these controls unless they are made to be keyboard compatible.
  2. Alternate modality on visual elements – Visual elements such as images on the Image Galleries are not provided with meaningful and descriptive alternative text to allow non-sighted users to understand their purpose, what they’re about or what they represent. This causes significant concerns to blind users who will therefore be unable to make sense of these visuals.
  3. Headings and landmarks not marked up consistently – Headings used in the pages are not following a logical order. People who can see are able to quickly scan a page for headings and subheadings to understand the content and structure of a page. People who are blind do not have this ability if heading text is not marked in a way that screen readers can understand. Heading text and hierarchy must be identified semantically with heading markup.