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This report reflects the findings of a high-level assessment of Knovel for its conformance with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 (WCAG 2.1).

This report shows that Knovel does have some issues with WCAG 2.1 compliance that need to be addressed, especially concerning proper labeling and the use of aria roles, as well as keyboard navigation. These findings significantly impact the accessibility of this database for people that require the use of screen readers or that use keyboard navigation, which could potentially keep them from fully using the system. These are the most critical issues to focus on correcting to improve access for all potential users of the system.

Top 3 Issues:

  1. Adaptability & Compatibility: The most prominent issues uncovered through this evaluation are problems around the proper labeling, the use of aria roles, and landmark regions. Please consult the WAI-ARIA Authoring Best Practices from w3 for clarification on the use of aria roles.
  2. Use of Color & Navigation: There are also several issues around keyboard focus throughout the database as well that specifically pertain to the lack of clear keyboard focus when navigating with the keyboard. There is no focus ring present throughout the majority of the page and most of the elements do not show focus at all. Some elements do show keyboard focus by changing color, however, this is a violation of SC 1.4.1 regarding the use of color as the sole means of communicating a prompt/action.
  3. Keyboard Accessibility: There are a few areas on the site that are inaccessible using the keyboard or that trap the keyboard focus, preventing the user from moving forward in the interface.