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Gale Power Search


This high-level assessment covers limited portions and functionality of the Gale Power Search Platform. The assessment revealed issues with assistive technology compatibility, resulting in some users missing information required to perceive and understand content, and to operate functions. It is important to keep in mind that the findings represent a high-level assessment, and do not reflect the results of a Deque Comprehensive Web Assessment.

Top 3 Issues

  1. Name Role Value – Throughout the site, there is often a visual indication of a current or selected item, but a programmatic equivalent is not provided in order to benefit users who are unable to visually perceive this.
  2. Lists – In some instances, unordered lists and description lists are malformed due to the existence of code nested within the same lists that is not allowed to be nested.
  3. Context Changes – When applying filters to search results, the page often reloads after each filter is applied. This occurs without any warning and without a user specifically triggering a ‘apply filter’ type of control. As a result, a user of Assistive Technology may become disoriented or may abandon any filtering due to the disruptive nature of the context change.