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Top Findings

  1. Compatibility: There are very few issues with this system overall and the only compliance issue that stands out is around the use of unique id’s. This can definitely cause several problems depending on what elements are affected. Be sure that if an object is hidden from ARIA, it does not receive focus. For an in-depth guide to ARIA implementation, please see the WAI-ARIA Authoring Best Practices Guide from W3C.
  2. Keyboard Accessible and Navigable: Overall, the site does a good job of supporting users that require the use of keyboards to navigate, however the transcript on the individual results page has a few problems. Additionally, the focus ring for the site is not very noticeable and could become a violation in WCAG 2.2. Consider reviewing the WCAG 2.2 Draft for upcoming guidelines on focus rings.
  3. Color Contrast: While there are no serious problems with contrast, there are a few minor contrast issues around a particular grey color that were flagged. These occurred on the search bar across the site and the breadcrumbs on the individual results page.