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This high-level assessment covers limited portions and functionality of the ProQuest ERIC Platform. 
The assessment revealed issues with assistive technology compatibility, resulting in some users 
missing information required to perceive and understand content, and to operate functions. It is 
important to keep in mind that the findings represent a high-level assessment, and do not reflect the 
results of a Deque Comprehensive Web Assessment.

Top 3 Issues:

  1. Non Text Contrast: Contrast of focus indicators and of form controls is required by low vision users 
    in order to accurately identify controls and content so that they can independently operate the 
    controls and understand content.
  2. Link / Button Additional Context: In search results, there are many instances of same-named links and buttons that perform a unique task for the unique search result. However the controls do not provide the additional programmatic context which is required by users of Assistive Tech to reliably operate these controls.
  3. Use of Color: When links are found among another block of text that is not a link, color alone is used to visually identify the link. This presents a problem for low-vision or color blind users who may rely on another visual method to visually identify links that does not rely on color alone.