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Empire Online


This assessment covers the Empire Online application. The application shows significant issues when it comes to using it in a paradigm that does not include the use of a mouse… sighted keyboard only users, non-sighted screen reader users, mobility impaired users relying on voice recognition software, etc. While most automated issues found with Axe are related to the common components, major functional issues remain with the main content.

Top 3 Issues

  1. Carousel slide hijack – The homepage is impossible to use due to how the focus is constantly sent to the carousel slides.
  2. Search results table missed – Entire parts of the search results are not conveyed to screen readers when they are first displayed, making the whole experience unlikely to succeed for screen reader users.
  3. General incompatibility with screen readers – Entire sections of content are ultimately unusable by users of screen reader technology: scanned PDF documents, the chronology feature, the search results tables, etc. This makes this application very difficult to use efficiently for someone who relies either on assistive technologies, or on a keyboard.