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Top 3 Issues:

  1. Keyboard traps – By far, the biggest problem observed in this application is related to the multiple keyboard traps that are fond, for the most part on Download buttons. These traps are complete blockers for keyboard and screen reader users, who can no longer navigate through the application. Make sure no such keyboard traps are present on the site.
  2. Untagged PDF documents – PDF documents in the application appear to be untagged, which is a big deal for accessibility, as screen reader users have no way to efficiently navigate through them. This is a serious matter, but also a very complicated one, as remediation of PDF documents means a lot of resources and efforts spent.
  3. Focus management – Most pages show issues with focus not being managed properly. When an object is dismissed, or when a new object is displayed, the keyboard focus should always go to that object. This is true for all modal windows, but also for page or view changes. The focus should never randomly return to the top of the page unless it is the intended behavior due to regular page changes.