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Brill e-Books


This high-level assessment covers limited portions and functionality of the Brill eBook Platform. The assessment revealed issues with assistive technology compatibility, resulting in some users missing information required to perceive and understand content, and to operate functions. It is important to keep in mind that the findings represent a high-level assessment, and do not reflect the results of a Deque Comprehensive Web Assessment. Screen reader experiences were focused on this brief assessment. As a result, not all issues affecting other user types were uncovered.

Top 3 Issues:

  1. Name Role Value – Several controls and composite controls (widgets) are improperly implemented, resulting in a poor user experience for users who expect a control to behave in a certain way. Otherwise, other controls are missing programmatic names or other attributes in order to allow users to properly understand the purpose of controls or to operate them.
  2. Focus Order – Many key areas of the site pop up dialog boxes containing additional information for a user to navigate or to operate the site. The issues surrounding focus order will have a very negative experience for screen reader users who could become disoriented when they encounter the affected areas.
  3. Info and Relationships – In lists and tab widgets particularly, when relationships between controls and items are not properly implemented, a user of Assistive Tech could become confused as to how different content or controls relate to each other.